MARSOL will always strive to provide professional services in the field design, manufacture and implementation of firefighting safety systems and related products for helideck and helipad operations for the Industrial, Marine Offshore and Onshore Industries through sincere effort, commitment, intelligent direction, skillful execution and providing a continual improvement to our quality management systems.

The Management and Staff of MARSOL are committed to satisfying applicable requirements and to providing our customers the quality of services that meet their needs and exceed expectations.

MARSOL is committed to achieve this policy by adhering to the following principles:

  • Ensure total client satisfaction by providing best quality products / services along with the efficient and timely completion of the
  • Ensure that all personnel are aware of the risks of each machine used during the production / assembly process.
  • Ensure that all personnel are aware of and carry out their responsibilities as set out in their job descriptions.
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner for optimal use of resources and minimum generation of waste.
  • Integrating economic, social, and environmental considerations into decisions to ensure that the measures adopted are cost effective and in proportion to the significance of the Quality issues being addressed.
  • Promoting awareness among contractors, strategic partners public and individuals within the organization to adhere to high
    standards of practices to ensure continual improvement and quality throughout the community.
  • Monitoring Quality performance in the organization.
  • Periodical review of policy and objectives for suitability.
  • Communicating the policy to all employees and making it available to all interested parties.
  • Provision of adequate resources for effective implementation of Quality Policy
  • Streamline and continually improve our processes to meet and exceed our client’s specific requirements.
  • MARSOL is committed to comply with all applicable legal and statutory requirements that govern our operations.

MARSOL management requests all employees of the company that they are aware about this policy and to contribute their skills and talents to implement, maintain and continually improve the quality management system.