Standalone foam system

CAFS is a standalone foam system primarily intended for extinguishing fires in normally unmanned installations (NUI).  CAFS is designed to meet the current requirements specified in CAA-UK CAP-437 Appendix D. CAFS is connected to DiFFS which has better extinguishing capabilities than conventional foam monitors.


standalone foam system

The system is custom designed in a common base frame with all equipment packaged.  Skid consists of steel pressure vessel, high pressure nitrogen cylinders, foam tank, control valves, regulator panel. The system also consists of an electrical control panel which is used for monitoring and controlling the system from remote locations.

Key features of the Skids



  • Custom built design
  • Various Capacity Models
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless steel 316 tank
  • 50Liter / 80Liter N2 Cylinders
  • SS-316 Regulator
  • Monitoring & Control Panel
  • Flame detector inputs for Automatic operation, Up to 8 Inputs (Standard)

Continues Monitoring of

  • N2 Pressure
  • Fresh water tank level
  • System discharge
  • Main power
  • Foam concentrate level
  • Control Valve Open/Close
  • Remote operation




  • SIL-2 Control Panel
  • SIL-2 Flame Sensors
  • Ex-proof Solar Power Supply
  • Redundant N2 Cylinder Bank
  • Redundant Pressure Regulator