Product Portfolio

DiFFS System

A Deck Integrated Fire Fighting (DIFF) system is an effective fire suppression system that is normally the primary firefighting system on a helideck.


CAFS is a standalone foam system primarily intended for extinguishing fires in normally unmanned installations (NUI). CAFS is designed to meet the current requirements specified in CAA-UK CAP-437 Appendix D.

Foam Hose Reel Station

Marsol Hose Reel stations are designed for easy operation to its full potential with effectiveness to deliver foam to the protected space.

Inline Inductor

MX Series Foam inductors are inline foam inductors with 1% or 3% foam mixing ratio. Standard inductors are manufactured using stainless steel 316L material and optional materials like Super Duplex, Titanium are available on request.

Safety Net

The Heliweb netting system consists of a stainless steel 316 frame with stainless steel 316 wire rope woven around the frame fabricated from ½” diameter stainless steel frame.