MARSOLTECH DiFFS Now with DCD Approval

Being ‘Non-Pop-Up’, our DiFFS Nozzle is a unique departure from conventional offerings – and has unique, comprehensive compliance certification.
That the nozzle has no mechanical, moving parts means that the issues of malfunction and maintenance are to all intents and purposes, removed.
Further, as it does not ‘pop up’, this means that in the event of the system being deployed, there is no (foam hidden) trip hazard or impeding of hospital gurneys etc.

Now with:
Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) Approval

USCG Approved & Certified

  • UL Listing, ABS, CAAi Certification and CAP437 Compliance, HCA
  • UL listed with ICAO Level B
  • UL Listed with US MIL-SPEC Foam
  • Certified for ICAO Level B and Level C Foam
  • UL Listed with RE-HEALINGTM Foam

Available in:

A wide range of K-factors -  60/65/70/75/80/105 (all giving 8 metres of  Horizontal Coverage)

SS-316L or Titanium Construction

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