MARSOL Technologies, Inc. are based out of Houston, Texas, USA.

Specializing in manufacture and implementation of firefighting safety systems and related products for helideck and helipad operations – for onshore, offshore and marine industry applications.

Our ethos is to provide solutions that deliver safety critical performance significantly above and beyond minimum compliance requirements.

Unique for good reason.

The MARSOL DiFFS and Non-Pop-Up Nozzle – fully certified and recognized by the likes of UL, USCG, ABS, CAAi and HCA – removes the issues and concerns of mechanical failure.

DiFFS (Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems) – Skids, designed and engineered to suit all applications. From Standard skids to stand alone skids for normally unmanned installations (NUI’s) to heated units for extreme cold conditions. Manufactured in SS316 and with Safe and Ex-area electricals.

HELIWEB – providing a maintenance free solution for helideck perimeter safety nets.

MX – SS-316L and Super Duplex UL tested Inline Foam Inductor.



DiFFSTM system is primarily used to protect helicopter landing areas. Based on the system configuration, DiFFSTM can be set to operate automatically or manually. 

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Inline inductor

MX Series Foam inductors are inline foam inductors with 1% or 3% foam mixing ratio. Standard inductors are manufactured using stainless steel 316L material and optional materials like Super Duplex

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Foam Hose reel station

Marsol Hose Reel stations are designed for easy operation to its full potential with effectiveness to deliver foam to the protected space.

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CAFS is a standalone foam system primarily intended for extinguishing fires in normally unmanned installations (NUI).  CAFS is designed to meet the current requirements specified in CAA-UK CAP-437 Appendix D. CAFS is connected to DiFFS which has better extinguishing capabilities than conventional foam monitors.

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safety net

Heliweb complies with CAP-437 – 2016 Standards for offshore Helicopter Landing Areas and Oil & Gas UK, Guidelines for the Management of Aviation Operations, Issue 6, Feb 2011.

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