MARSOL Compressed Air Foam Systems are under MCAF Series. Compressed Air Foam (CAF) is a low expansion foam formed by combining water, foam concentrate and air / nitrogen under pressure in the right proportions. This mixture is then sent through pipe network and discharged in to the protected area. CAF addresses all sides of the fire triangle by smothering the fire (preventing oxygen from combining with the fuel), by diminishing heat, using air within the bubble structure and by disrupting the chemical reaction required for a fire to continue.


MCAF system is specially designed for fixed systems. System consists of high-pressure air / nitrogen cylinder bank, foam concentrate tank, main control valve and mixing unit. MCAF is offered in self-contained skid type where water is stored in a pressure vessel which is pressurized by compressed air or nitrogen. The system main components such as foam concentrate tank, control valves, CAF mixing unit and high-pressure air / nitrogen cylinders are packaged in a common skid. Decentralized equipment package is offered for specific project requirements.
Based on the system configuration, CAFS can be set to operate automatically or manually. Automatic systems are provided with fire detection and release control panels. Manual systems are provided with remote release stations.

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